Internship Opportunities


At TGL, players are encouraged to take part in our internship program in order to get relevant work experience and start building their CV from a young age. Below are the departments that interns can be assigned to based on their interests and career aspirations:


  • Creation of game schedules and collection/analysis of game-day data.

  • Enforcement of player conduct standards and discipline.

  • On-the-ground support to employees, marketing partners, broadcasters and media at all major events such as the TGL Summer League and Draft.

  • Overseeing security protocol to maintain the integrity of TGL in order to provide a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for all.


  • Enforcement of TGL media policy and media operations for all major events.

  • Manage Marketing, Advertisements, Partnerships and Merchandising.

  • Handle media coverage and create game highlights for dissemination to the media.

  • Manage TGL social media platforms (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/WhatsApp) and develop strategies for distributing content to our partners.

  • Handle mailing services, photocopying and catering services.


  • Ensure work environment is functional and well-maintained.

  • Oversee game day layout, equipment set up, repairs and maintenance.

  • Maintain relationship between the TGL office and TGL facilities team.


  • Coordinate business performance, market expansion, product launches and new initiatives.

  • Handle business planning, financial reporting, and setting/monitoring short and long-term financial goals of TGL.

  • Oversee accounting and payroll functions.


  • Oversee talent acquisition and management, employee retention, relations, compensation, and benefits.

  • Create programs to aid employees’ professional development, and implement policies and procedures designed to maintain an employee-friendly workplace.

  • Develop outreach programs with the goal of helping employees and players to be more active off the court by giving back to the community.